5 traditional African desserts you should try

Africa is not just rich in culture and tradition as they also have a lot of tasty recipes that they have shared with the world. They have flavourful meals that made their cuisine stand out from the rest. To make the local dining experience more complete, they also introduced several desserts that will surely satisfy one’s palate.

Africans have a lot of interesting dessert recipes that are perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth. By taking a bite out of their delicacies, people will learn to appreciate their cooking skills and creativity even more. 

This is the reason why Kingdoms Lodge made sure to incorporate the best African desserts on the menu. If you haven’t tried any yet, here are some delectable desserts that you should know more about: 


Koeksister is a sticky South African delicacy with a sweet flavour. It’s made by deep-frying braided dough strips in oil and then dipping them in a chilled sweet syrup. These sticky treats can be found on every major street in South Africa, as well as in most supermarkets. This is best sprinkled with cinnamon or some lemon juice before serving. 

Malva Pudding 

This is a traditional South African dessert that has a pudding base covered in a creamy and sweet sauce. This shares a similar texture and consistency with a tres leches cake. The pudding is usually made with apricot jam, vinegar, and brown sugar. What makes it even better is that its soft and moist texture is emphasized by the warm syrup poured over it while it’s still warm. 


Melktert is a creamy and sweet South African dessert made with a pastry crust filled with a mixture of sugar, flour, eggs, and milk. Melktert is a German word that means ‘milk tart’. This can be eaten hot or cold. With a few sprinklings of powdered cinnamon or cinnamon sugar on top.


Mandazi, also known as Swahili Coconut or Doughnut Swahili Bun, is a fried bread that originated on the Swahili coastlines of East Africa. Mandazis are similar to doughnuts in that they all have a sweet flavour that is differentiated by the inclusion of various ingredients. This is popular across the country and may be served with almost any dip or as a dessert on its own. 

Shuku Shuku (coconut macaroons)

This is a sweet Nigerian dessert that is highly popular in West Africa since it can be eaten and prepared quickly. These are made with four major ingredients — unsweetened coconut flakes, self-rising flour, egg yolks, and superfine sugar or caster sugar. Some people also add a bit of vanilla bean and a dash of nutmeg to amplify the taste even more. 

These are just some of the best South African desserts that you can eat when staying with us here at Kingdoms Lodge. By ordering those desserts, we guarantee that people will further enjoy the sweet time they spend with us! 

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