African drink mixes you should try

Kingdoms Lodge: African drink mixes you should try! 

There is nothing like a good drink to liven up the atmosphere and bring fun to every gathering. Today, we are going to show you some of the best drinks in Africa and introduce you to a whole new culture of alcohol and beers. Take a look at the special drinks we have below and be sure to check them out on your next order with us!


This delicious, milk chocolate-like drink is known as the Xhosa beer. It is made out of freshly harvested corn boiled until all the flavours are extracted. What’s amazing about this drink is that it is also good for your health. It has high vitamin B and a lower alcohol content compared to commercial beers. The best way to enjoy this classic drink is to share it with your family and friends during a hang out session! 


The word witblits means white lighting or firewater. It is a high alcoholic drink that is made using fermented grapes. If you are looking for a drink that packs a punch, this is exactly the alcohol for you. If you had American moonshine before, you might find that it has the same taste as witblits. 


If witblits tastes a little too alcoholic for you, you can switch to its fruitier alternative which is the mampoer. This delicious drink comes in different flavours like the apricot, peach and litchi fruit. It is rumoured that the name of this drink is derived from the Pedi chief Mampuru. It is commonly consumed in the northern side of Africa. 


Amarula is the perfect drink for people who want a casual shot of alcohol combined with a creamy and sweet taste. This delectable drink can be combined with any alcoholic beverage. You can mix it with your vodka or your Irish coffee. You can even pour it over ice cream! We personally recommend the on the rocks version of this drink since it will give you the whole Amarula experience better. 

This drink is so well received that even elephants and monkeys obsess over the Amarula fruit. Despite the sweet taste, Amarula can still get you intoxicated so be careful about drinking too much. 


Wines might be popular in places like France and Spain, but African wines are a league of their own. This cheerful mix of variety and sophistication will open new doors for you when it comes to wines. You will discover flavours you’ve never known before and who knows, it might just be your next favourite drink! 


Beers are a popular choice to accompany meals in Africa. There are a couple of bars that serve their authentic brews and these delicious drinks come in a variety of flavours. Some have a smoky aftertaste while there are beers that have a fruity flavour.

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