Kingdoms Lodge has a licensed a la Carte Restaurant overlooking the dam with a cosy fireplace to keep you comfortable during the winter months.

Mondays – Saturdays  
09:00 – 21:00
09:00 – 15:00

At the restaurant a jungle gym and trampoline are available on the lawn next to the restaurant for children to enjoy.

We are also planning an animal farm in the near future where children can feed and interact with baby animals.

Kingdoms Lodge: Our facilities and services 

Looking for the perfect place to accommodate you and your guests for a special event? Worry no more! Here at Kingdoms Lodge, we got everything you need from scrumptious food to a mindblowing venue to wow your guests and make every celebration all the more special. 

Our luxurious lodge is located near the koi dam in between the Groblersdal and Marble Hall on the N11. This side of Africa is popular for its beauty and nature. Our dreamy and cosy lodge is located in an area surrounded by a beautiful forest right by the dam and the mountain. This gives us the advantage of a magnificent view that would surely help you relax and focus on the fun event that you are having. 

Your home away from home

Kingdoms Lodge is an establishment that is located at the heart of nature. This keeps the environment of our lodge private, tranquil and calming, perfect for a relaxing getaway with only you and your loved ones. 

What’s amazing about our business is that we combine both lodging and restaurant to give you the highest level of comfort during your stay. In our lodge, you can book rooms for accommodation, conferences or parties. There is even a space where you can feed the animals, jump around the trampoline or swim in the pool. Every activity and facility you need to enjoy a fun celebration is available right here at Kingdoms Lodge. If you are curious about our facility and the services that we offer, you can check for more information about us below: 

Kingdoms Lodge facilities 

From private celebrations to board meetings and standard business deals and even up to seminars, we have the perfect facilities to accommodate your needs right here at Kingdoms Lodge. Here at our restaurant and lodge, we have the perfect rooms where you can host your meetings or special events. Each room is configured according to your needs as well as the program that you would be conducting. 

Enjoy the superior working conditions that we can provide to you in our facility and find ease with our state of the art equipment and technical support staff that can readily support you with your specific needs and requirements in the lodging facility. 

Here at Kingdoms Lodge, our different rooms and facilities are equipped with the latest video and audio conferencing tools coupled with high-speed wifi to bring you ease in communication and help you run your event smoothly without any interruption. Take a look at some of the other benefits of lodging with us!

Accessible locations 

Kingdoms Lodge is easy to find on the map and is accessible to all visitors. Our location is a few walks away from a train station. From there you can either walk to our lodge or ride a taxi to our suite. 

Custom event 

Our facilities are made with your comfort and ideal set-up in mind. We want every event held in our lodge to be special. That is why we set up rooms that are perfect for small gatherings and large gatherings to accommodate your needs. Not only that, but we can also modify our lodge to fit your event. Whether you are hosting a cocktail party, a small press conference, a company orientation or simply a product launch, we got you all covered with our multi-purpose rooms right here at Kingdoms Lodge. 

Catering options 

While other venues and receptions lack catering, here at Kingdom’s Lodge, we seek to provide you with everything that you need from a good room down to the finest menu for your event. 

Our lodge has some of the best cooks in Africa and they can help you form the menu you would need for your event. After all, only good food can make an event perfect in the eyes of guests. 

We offer multiple catering options from drinks to snacks and even up to a full course meal just for you. All you have to do is to inform the staff once you have booked our services and tell them what kind of foods are you expecting to be served during your program. There are also service options available for you. You can hire servers or you can choose to have the guests visit the buffet table. 

Supplementary services

Managing your own event can be difficult, especially if you are not experienced in the field. The best way to deal with this problem is to hire people that can help you manage your event. Here at Kingdoms Lodge, we have professional event organizers and a technical support team that could assist you in the success of your event all at a low cost!

Different rooms that we offer 

Every event differs from the other. Sometimes you want a big crowd for your celebration and oftentimes a room with only a few people is also the perfect way to celebrate a big day. Whichever way you want to celebrate your event, we have the perfect rooms to accommodate you and your guests. 

Enjoy the luxurious and tranquil atmosphere of our lodge and have fun with your family and friends as you book our services. Here at Kingdoms Lodge, we can guarantee that you would receive royal treatment at your events. Find the best room or conference hall to book below:

Small meeting rooms (4 to 6 participants)

Small events with only a few people are one of the best! It allows you to communicate clearly with one another and it makes the atmosphere more intimate. These small gatherings are perfect for meetings between business partners or workers. It is also ideal for a small group of friends who just want to hang out together and experience luxury in Kingdoms Lodge. 

This small room is booked by the hour so make sure that you have the most fun that you can get within the time you booked. To reserve the room you need to talk with one of our front desk personnel. They will guide you on the booking and will lead you to the different small meeting room choices that we have. 

Boardrooms (10 to 12 participants) 

Got a board meeting in your company? Why not change your venue into something a lot more luxurious and rewarding with Kingdoms Lodge. Our facility has the perfect atmosphere for your executive director meetings. 

The luxurious atmosphere of our facility is perfect for the high standards of your company’s higher-ups. Moreover, it will give you a scenic view of the bay near our lodge. It is the perfect backdrop for your company meetings and when you are signing deals. The state of the art presentation tools we have in our facility can also help you achieve the perfect outcome for your projects and deals. 

Conference rooms (20 to 30 participants)

Are you having your yearly conferences in the company? Why not spend it with us and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere coupled with luxury right here at Kingdoms Lodge. Here at our conference room, you can accommodate up to 30 individuals and proceed with the presentation of your projects. 

What’s amazing about our conference rooms is that it is flexible to accommodate all of your needs during your stay with us. You can set our conference hall as either classrooms, banquet, U shape or theatre platforms. This is the ideal room for focus groups, seminars and staff training. 

Video conferencing (site to site and multi-site)

Having problems dealing with long-distance meetings? Don’t worry, we got your back! Right here at Kingdoms Lodge, we have the perfect facility to help you record your video conferences. Our high-speed network can easily get you connected to your business partners from even across the sea. 

Booking our video conferencing services can help you lower your expenses by providing you with a way to communicate with your business partners without having to go out and travel yourself. 

Additional benefits of our rooms 

Our room bookings come in a package where you can enjoy loads of amazing benefits that would make your event all the more special. Take a look at what we can offer to make your meetings perfect!

High-speed internet 

These days, living without an internet connection can be difficult, especially in long-distance meetings. This is where our high-speed internet comes in. Our connection is fast enough to assist you in your meetings without giving you trouble during the conference. 

Interactive screen and projector

Projectors are the best tools to use to show your presentations. It gives everyone a view of what you are talking about and without it, you might experience a drawback in your conferences. Here at Kingdoms Lodge, we have the highest quality of the equipment that could help you present your project proposals without a hitch.