Kingdoms Lodge: FAQs and reviews

Ready to book a royal experience with Kingdoms Lodge today? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in our company that would make booking with us easier for you. Take a look at the list below! 

Can I book a room one week before the event? 

Yes, you can book your event one week in advance. However, we have a right to refuse if there is no longer a room available. The most ideal way to book is to schedule at least two weeks before your meeting or celebration. 

Can I cancel my booking a day before the scheduled date? 

Cancelling your booking a day before the event is possible. However, you still need to pay 75% of the due bill. We will give you a discount on your next booking and we hope you can spend a vacation with us again in the future!

Do the rooms come with food? 

Yes, we have packages for our conference rooms that include food for your guests. You can check with our front desk personnel about the price list as well as the deals that we offer. You can even check in for a discount and combine it with our other promotions. 

Customer feedbacks

Want to know what our customers have to say about us? Here is the feedback that we got from our years of service. Take a look at the reviews below and see if we are the perfect catering and venue service for you below:

  • I went out to eat with my family in the Kingdom Lodge. I didn’t expect the view outside to be so beautiful. It was a scene out of the movies. The animals are out on the field and I love watching them. On the other side of the building, I can see the dam and it is so pretty. I hope we can come back to Africa again to visit this place. 
  • Nobody told me that African food would be this good! I was literally surprised. I thought it would taste bland and unsavoury but it was actually good. The meat is tender and the way that the steak was grilled had my mouth water. I will come back again for sure. Maybe I’ll even take my whole family to our next reunion. 
  • I wasn’t the one to book the place but I was one of the delegates who attended the event in Kingdoms Lodge. The place is really nice and the staff are helpful. It’s like having new friends. Some of the people I met even showed me around in the barn. The animals are amazing and friendly. I think it would be fun to hold another conference here again.